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About Us

About US

The Nigerian Islamic Association (N.I.A.) is a 501 ( c) corporation borne by the vision of an array of young Nigerian Immigrants who in the late 1980s came together as a group to create a religious and cultural identity for fellow Nigerians and the larger African community in Chicago. It all began with small congregational prayer meetings every Sunday at members’ houses in turns and later moved to a rented space on W. Foster Avenue, Chicago. In 1994, the Organization acquired its first and current location on 932 W Sheridan Road, Chicago, 60613, and has continued to grow in membership and programs. As of today, the Nigerian Islamic Association is one of the largest Nigerian Muslim communities in the United States of America.

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The N.I.A. is the cradle of all other Nigerian Muslim Communities in Chicagoland. The Center has always served as a place of worship for all Muslims and as a community center to a large extent. Families have grown and new families continue to spring up. Children are raised and nurtured with Quranic and Islamic education alongside Western education, thus resulting in well-branded citizens with pride in their Islamic faith and their socio-cultural heritage without sacrificing their American identity and good citizenship. The day-to-day running of the N.I.A. is funded by donations from members; managed through members volunteering service. The Organization offers regular five daily prayers, Jumat Prayer service, Lutfullah prayers, weekly Assalat congregation, weekend Quran and Islamic learning classes, monthly Halqah, welfare assistance program, preventive and wellness health service among others.

With continuous membership growth, the compelling need to cater to members now living miles away from the current location, and the need to provide opportunities for Muslims living or working around the southeast axis of Chicago, the Southside Islamic Center is coming soon on 8561 S. South Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL.
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Shakiru Nasiru

Board of Trustees

Shaffideen Amuwo


Tajudeen Ogbara

Moruf Tunji Alausa

Musa Kolawole

Folashade Kareem Shittu

Ganiat Disu

Executive Board

Olarewaju Ibrahim Abayomi


Abdulganiyu Yesufu

Vice Chairman

Harun Oluwa

General Secretary

Adiat Ewuosho

Assistant Secretary

Raheem Odeyale

Financial Secretary

Akeem Ogunsegun


Taoheed Dairo

Public Relation Officer

Shakira Ayanlaja Yussuf

Welfare Secretary

Idowu Soyege


Modinat Akorede

Ex Officio

Muftau Taofeek

Ex Officio

Abdulrasak Solebo


Women's Coordinating Group

Toyin Shasi

Women Leader

Risikat Ajibona

Deputy Leader

Idowu Soyege


Aishat Abass

Asst. Secretary

Basirat Adeyemi

Financial Secretary

Modinat Saka


Bilikis Onimago


Youth Group

Murtadha Alli


N.I.A Weekend Quranic & Arabic School

Sheikh Yahya Ali


Uztadh Mustapha Oluwa

Vice Principal/Admin

Uztadh Saheed Al-Mubarak

Staff teacher

Uztadh Nameer Al-Ali

Staff teacher

Uztadh AbdulHakeem Salaudeen

Staff teacher

Uztadh AbdulFatah Amoranbini

Staff teacher

Uztadha Humulhire Ibrahim

Staff teacher/Admin

Uztadha Ramota Solebo

Staff teacher

Uztadha Inam Alfidagh

Staff teacher

Uztadha Fatimo Muhammed

Staff teacher

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